Heart Star Creator is an journey through the Chakras, the Dimensions & the 12 Strands of DNA
to Emancipate You 
the False Matrix 
Activate You 
into a 
Conscious Creator.

The false matrix web, with all of its illusions, delusions, false constructs, ego, shame, drama, trauma, & stories...
is keeping you from your goals and your highest timeline.
I want to turn you into a liberated, Conscious Creator.
There is no reason not to do it.
There is no such thing as failure.

There is only the breathtaking blooming, the unfolding of You and ALL of Your Magic & Power, beyond Your wildest imagination, hopes & dreams.


My experience in Amy’s courses, Mastermind, and Mentorship has been completely and utterly transforming. In just a few months of working with Amy I have learned to cultivate the most beautiful relationship with my higher self, my guides and family that have passed over. Amy has gently accompanied me as I faced my shadow, helped me to heal deep inner child wounds, deprogram harmful programs such as unworthiness, and clear my energetic body.

During times that I doubted myself, she held the vision of my highest self even when I couldn’t. Since working with her I have been able to step into the truth of who I am, and understand and embrace my soul’s mission.

I’ve come so far in such a short time and I owe it all to Amy’s guidance. She is truly the North Star guiding people through their awakening with her warm yet brilliant light. It has been my honor to be mentored by Amy and learn from her, and I will always have tremendous gratitude for her.
- Stephanie V. • Mastermind & Mentorship Client

You Know You're Here For More...

If You're feeling trapped, unworthy,

stopped in Your tracks by limiting beliefs, 


maybe You feel like the financial system has you by the balls,

and You know there is something MORE but

all your friends, family, and colleagues are "normies."

This is your community to expand & activate you.

Believe me, I understand if You feel guilty and ashamed… like maybe there’s something wrong with You for wanting More.

It can be scary to blaze Your Own path - the societal programming is that if You do, You're selfish.

You wonder if You should just settle, get a job, and try to find some small happiness in a “normal” life (but You also feel Soul-crushed when You think that way…)

You keep telling Yourself that You’ve got to “be responsible” 
...as if Your Soul desires are somehow irresponsible.

Fuck All That!

It is TIME to step onto Your Path and share Your True Self with the World.

Working directly with Amy has proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have received such incredible activations and support to assist me as I develop my own spiritual gifts and claim more of who I am here to be.

Before I started working with Amy I was struggling with self-doubt in my service work. Her Akashic readings and group support were exactly what I needed to help me navigate this time of expansion and step more fully into the highest expression of myself.

I have been able to see myself with new eyes and I am growing in my spiritual awakening and especially overcoming so many doubts around being a powerful channel, healer and guide.

I am so grateful for the work that Amy does and that I was divinely guided to her! She is truly magical.
- Kara G. • Mentorship Client

You are a Gift...

Imagine waking up everyday and feeling empowered!
Imagine clearing your trauma patterns and limiting beliefs!!
Imagine being FREE from the false matrix!!!
Imagine feeling Love for Yourself, Love for Your Life, and how that overflows into Your work, Your family, Your relationships…
Imagine Who You can BE and the influence You can have on the World when You finally give Yourself permission to follow Your Soul.
This is what I created in 1 year. Just one year after finally allowing it.
It doesn’t have to take long!
It doesn’t have to be hard!
(It does get to be challenging & intense as it involves a lot of
re-programming, re-coding & growth…)
And You can do it.
Let Me show You how.
One of My most powerful Gifts is to see & hold Your Highest Vision for You.

I See your Gifts.. even when You don't


My life is on a completely different trajectory because of Amy. It's really hard to measure the full impact she’s has had on my life. Her belief in me and my abilities has been life-changing. Because she believed in me, I believed in myself. She opened up my mind, my world and my heart in a way that no one else has ever done. 

Amy has an amazing ability to explain concepts in a digestible, relatable way that is at once normalizing, but also funny and awe-inspiring at the same time. Through it all, she shares her personal struggles, tragedies, and joys, and always brings it back to how she is still on this journey too. She never downplays the hardships of awakening, but also never loses her sense of wonder and inspiration that the next miracle and manifestation is just within reach. She is a human spirit guide that reassures and propels you to the next level of your soul expansiveness.
- Heather T. • Mastermind & Mentorship Client

In this journey we explore:

Root Clearing & Activation
Zero Point & 1st Dimension of Consciousness​ 
1st strand of DNA, Detoxing & Purification 
​Dissolving Manifestations & old Timelines

Crown Clearing & Activation
7th Dimension
7th strand of DNA
Timeline Creation

Earth Star • Soul Star Clearing & Activation
8th Dimension
8th strand of DNA
Holographic Timeline Encoding

Heart Clearing & Activation
4th Dimensional bridge
4th strand of DNA
Heart Portal Opening
Next Level Empath work & Heart Telepathy

Mycelial Matrix • Stellar Gateway Clearing & Activation
9th Dimension
9th strand of DNA
Planetary Grid Work
Planetary Guardianship

Solar Plexus Clearing & Activation
3rd Dimension; 3rd strand of DNA
Human Ego/Guardians of Free Will
Money & Love

Sacral Clearing & Activation
2nd Dimension
2nd strand of DNA
Creation & Manifestation

Throat Clearing & Activation
5th Dimension
5th strand of DNA

Third Eye Clearing & Activation
6th Dimension
6th strand of DNA
Telepathy, Visioning
Timeline Creation

Mineral/Crystal/Water Matrix • Galactic Gateway Clearing & Activation
10th Dimension
10th strand of DNA
Elemental Spirits; Interdimensionals/
Nephilim, Angelics & Dragons
Satan/Lucifer/Anti-Christ & Demonics
Defence Against the Dark Arts7th Dimension
7th strand of DNA
Timeline Creation

Inner Earth Paradise Christal Star Clearing & Activation
11th Dimension
11th strand of DNA
Sophia & Eden
Collective Timeline Creation8th Dimension
8th strand of DNA
Holographic Timeline Encoding

Golden Heart of the Mother
Holographic Central Sun Clearing & Activation
12th Dimension
12th strand of DNA
Trinity Complete
Heart Star Activation
Heart telepathy activation9th Dimension
9th strand of DNA
Planetary Grid Work
Planetary Guardianship

An Akashic Oracle, a Seer and a Translator of Multidimensional Lightcodes..
All of the work I do, and all of the content I create is me doing My Sacred part to assist
the Human Collective
wake up within the Dream.

Through my Akashic Readings, my Courses and
my Mentorship Programs
I facilitate
psychic activation,
deep awakening,
attunement to the Akashic Records
for those who seek it.

Hi, I'm Amy!


We used it before the hipsters did.



Infinite battery life, no loading time, no data fees.



Wouldn't it be awesome if these were wearable?


The Heart Star Creator Incubator will anchor You, inspire You, align You, activate You, accelerate You and calibrate You to the Life that Your Soul came Here to Lead and to the Life & the Work that is a reflection of the Highest Expression of the Truth that You Are.

I can’t guarantee where You will be, & what You will have Manifested as you move through these powerful Activations
(because prediction defies the perfection of the Mystery…) but if You take this journey with Me, You will be somewhere so beautiful, so aligned, and so empowered on Your True Soul Path.

 before, this container will absolutely expand You into deeper levels of Your Magic & Genius, as You Align, Activate & Accelerate Your Soul Mission! 


to live your Soul Mission

If you had known all along that it's possible...

... wouldn't you have started way sooner?

do your Soul Work
& Create the Life of your Dreams

I call Amy a "lighthouse" because she has helped to get me back on my awakening and ascension journey instead of getting lost at sea or crashing on rocks. She has helped me on my path to discover and embrace my true identity and life's purpose.

Amy & her community have given me the ability to give myself permission to be different, given more life purpose direction, tools for unlocking innate abilities and techniques in doing so, references to resources, a community of like minded souls to share ideas with, much agape, a lifting of the veil, and hope realized. Before working with Amy I was at my wits end.
- Michael “Tin Man” T. • Mentorship Client

The Heart Star Creator Incubator will anchor You, inspire You, align You, activate You, accelerate You and calibrate You to the Life that Your Soul came Here to Lead and to the Life & the Work that is a reflection of the Highest Expression of the Truth that You Are.

What are you waiting for?