A live, guided journey into the Akashic Records to discover the answers to your big questions, access powerful self-healing, gain clarity on your Soul Purpose, and remember Who You Really Are.

In this program I will guide you into the Akashic Records & help you activate your own psychic gifts.

Beautiful Soul, I see you.
I see your potential & all that you came here to be.

You want to ascend.  
You want to Transcend.  
But you can’t see yourself and your life clearly.  
You are reacting to triggers and looping in patterns and being determined by habits.  
You are either getting nowhere, or your progress is painfully slow.  

Basically you are living a life not of your dreams, trapped in the illusions of the 3rd & 4th Dimension.

What if there is a level of consciousness that you can learn to achieve that can give you access to the answers to your most burning questions, to gain clarity on your Soul Purpose & the nature of this reality, and to find deep, Soul-liberating healing from the things that burden you?

The Akasha is a field of energetic consciousness that retains a vibrational imprint of every thought, emotion, word and action of every Soul who has ever lived. 

These imprints are the Akashic Records.

Often the Akashic Records are described as being the records of Your Soul.

When accessing the Akashic Records in search of a specific piece of information (like a past or current life memory), the Records look like mist, to me, with infinite tiny droplets suspended in a cloud, and when I zero in on a single droplet, I see that it contains the “scene” you are looking for.

It is incredibly beautiful. 

A good analogy is the internet and the cloud. The internet is non-physical, and yet it holds and transmits seemingly infinite information, that we are able to program and access at will.
The cloud stores all information that we do not need to keep on our hard drives. In this analogy your own conscious memory is the hard drive, and the Akashic Records are the cloud.

Do You desire to access Your own intuitive guidance...
but You don’t know how, and besides, You’re killing it with Self-doubt? 

Do You wish You could have answers to big questions…
in order understand why things are what they are?
in order to gain peace and closure?
In order to unstick what feels stuck and move on?

Or just to satisfy Your curiosity about Yourself, Your Soul, The World and The Universe?


You absolutely have the ability to access the Akasha.
We all do.
It is not a distant, forbidden realm for ascended masters only.
It isn’t reserved for a chosen few.

You can read the Akashic Records too.
Believe me.
And it is easier than you think!

We Are allowed to access this cosmic database of information.
We Are allowed to know the answers to Our questions.
We Are allowed to see from a higher perspective.

And in fact, it is a good thing when we are willing to let ourselves access the Akashic Records!
When we gain access to this level of consciousness, we can free ourselves from the karmic loops and Soul Contracts that have had us stuck for lifetimes.

In fact, I believe that many of us are literally HERE to gain access to the Akashic Records so that we can finally set ourselves (including all of our past lifetimes) FREE.

If you have ever had an interest in learning about your Soul Purpose, your past lives, your Starseed origins, your Soul contracts… the Akashic Records are for you.

You can do this.
You can access the Akashic Records.
But you have to powerfully choose it.

Let me show you how.

Let me guide you Into the Akasha.

The Breakdown

Choosing, developing and honing our intuition & psychic gifts


Module One

Module Two

Module Three

The Dimensions

Preparing the Self to be admitted into the Akasha & Going into the Akasha Together

Starseeds, Galactics, Soul Mission & Soul Purpose & Spirit Guides

Module Four

Module Five

Module Six

Karma, Patterns, Relationship Dynamics, Soul Mates & Twin Flames, Lineage & Ancestry

Past Lives, Time, Quantum Healing & Clearing your Akasha

Module Seven

Future Timeline Attunement