A multi-dimensional Akashic & Sacred Business Incubator to hone your gifts as an Akashic Records Reader, and to set up your business so that you can sustainably attain consistent 4 & 5 figure months, from a place of True Heart-Illuminated Service to the Collective.

This is not your average Akashic Records training program.

This is a powerful journey to stepping into your Sacred Soul Work as a skilled, competent & confident Akashic Records Reader.

AND it is about setting your business up to be able to actually use your gifts, and do your work with clients in a way that is sustainable and scalable, and is a True reflection of your Unique energy, gifts & purpose.

Together we will find your personal road map to reaching 4-5 figure months through the offering of your Heart & Your Soul gifts to the World.

Hello fellow Lightworker.

Can you feel it?..

Our Time is Now.

Our authentic Soul-gifts, our abilities as oracles, channels, readers & healers is finally becoming accepted and sought after by the greater collective community.

So many people are having a Spiritual Awakening, and are seeking answers, clarity & guidance more than ever.

The world is ready for you.

All the things you kept to yourself through the years…
All of ways that you were the weird one…
All of the gifts that had to stay dormant…
All of the pieces of yourself you had to stay hidden…

It turns out that they are all the most valid thing in the entire universe AND they are deeply needed in the world.
People are finally ready for it!

Your Time is Now.

Are you:
* The kind of person who is driven by a deep Soul-desire to be of spiritual service to others?
* Drawn to the Akashic Records?
* Wanting to create a service-based business using your gifts, that is Heart-centred & Soul-led?
* Ready to go all in on yourself & your dreams?

Welcome, my friend, to Akashic Holographic Mastery

We have very important work to do in service to Humanity, and so much of it is to be done through the Akashic Records and the Holographic Field.

I don’t know about you, but if my high school guidance counsellor would have just said “Amy, with your sensitivity, your love for people and your gift of sharp perception & keen observation, you would make an excellent Akashic Records Reader”… I would’ve saved a lot of time and a lot of Money!

But of course she didn’t say that.  
Because she couldn’t see. She didn’t know.

And so instead I spent two decades searching for my place to fit in, trying to become a round peg so that I could fit through the damn hole.

I got 2 college certificates.
I got 2 separate undergraduate degrees.
I even got a post-graduate certificate!

I spent so much time & money trying to change myself and become qualified at something “practical” and “respectable” while totally neglecting my True Gifts.

All it got me was over $100K of student and consumer debt.

I didn’t find spiritual fulfillment.
I didn’t feel like I was on the path of my Soul Mission.

I knew I was here to help…
And I knew I wanted to develop my psychic abilities as my means of helping people…
And I knew I wanted to start a Heart-centred business and work for myself…

But I had no idea how.

Deciding in 2016 to sign up for a course on how to read the Akashic Records for myself and for others was the single most powerful investment decision I have ever made.

It has yield exponential returns for me, and I now operate a robust and growing multi-six figure Akashic Records business doing what I Love!

Because this was always my path. 
It was always for me.

However, what I didn’t learn in that Akashic Records course back in 2016, was how to create and grow a Heart-Centred business as an Akashic Records Reader.

I invested a lot (like… A LOT) of Money in various business courses & programs, coaching & mentorship. 
Some of it was so great, but most of it was not actually helpful to me.

Honestly, it felt a lot like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks.

I struggled in my first year of business, only grossing about $30K.

But little by little I figured it out and started generating consistent 5-figure months by Q1 of my second year.

In my third year I grossed $250K and now in my fourth year I’m on target to exceed that.

And like you, I’m not in it simply for the money.
I’m in it for the fulfillment of my Soul’s Mission.

However, I share all this as evidence that our psychic gifts, our Light work, our healership CAN support us!

Because I spent a long time operating under the false assumption that I could never really make a living doing what I Love.

And as you can see, that is simply not true.

There are things I was naturally good at that propelled me to 6 figures in my 2nd year of business.

And there are things I wish I had learned right from the start.

If I could go back in time and give myself the full package of the guidance that I needed, it would be this program:
Akashic Holographic Mastery.

I have created this program for you, because I want to speed you right through the startup and into your successful sacred business as a confident & skilled Akashic Records Reader.

 I want to help you get set up to start helping people and receiving ample compensation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So that you can finally DO what you incarnated here to do!

So that you can up level your life and serve from a cup that runneth over!

So that you can have a deep & powerful impact in the world!

Imagine ending another work day feeling pleasantly tired, yet satisfied, and deeply grateful for the work you get to do.

Imagine waking up to new bookings in your calendar for readings and healings— some repeat clients and some new!

Imagine receiving exciting feedback and testimonials from clients who have experienced major changes in their lives based on their Akashic Records work with you!

Imagine looking at your bank accounts and feeling so proud that you created this abundance & money by powerfully sharing your gifts!

Imagine Loving the work you do, so much, that you can’t even imagine going back to the way things were.


I know you are meant for this.
And I know that your Soul Mission, your Sacred Business, is unique to YOU.

You don’t need to waste your time & money on cookie cutter strategies that aren’t even relevant to someone in this kind of work.

You can hone your skills & set up your unique business all in one place, putting you on a path to sustainability, success and deep Soul-satisfaction.

It is your Time now to step into your Soul Work through the Akashic Records ✨

The Program Breakdown

- 8 months
- Includes Into the Akasha + 10-15 Akashic Readings
- 8 weeks of Akashic Records techniques, theory, nuance + practice
- 8 weeks of biz structure (website, pricing, finding clients, facilitating readings, testimonials, LLC, biz account, social media, etc,)
- 8 weeks of biz nuances (integrity, ethics, mindset, fear, doubt, confidence, authenticity, magnetism, sustainability, energetics, etc,)
- Bi-weekly accountability & group support calls (which includes Akashic tune-ins from me)
- honing your gifts & your craft

- learning about the Holographic formation of reality— trinity source code 
- Timeline creation mechanics
- Timeline encoding for Others
- Akashic Field timeline healing 
- Quantum space clearing
- Holographic & astral interference clearing
-  Akashic key retrieval 
- DNA code reading & TRUE history fragment retrieval
- DNA repair and activation
- Soul blueprint code reading
- Energy constructs
- Dissolution & the liberation of energy 
- Data collection 
- Holographic healing & matrix re-patterning 
- Holographic Dream Projection model
- Multidimensional awareness of Self
- Theory AND practice 
- Sacred Business Temple creation support
- Christ Code Activations 
- Money & Wealth energetics
- Crystal Heart ethics & standards of practice

- podcast spot on Third Eye Awakening as an Akashic Records Reader
- social media & email list feature (IG/Soul Space Live & share)
- permission to advertise your Akashic offerings in Soul Space 
- on my website under my Akashic Reader directory 
- connecting you with other podcast hosts, influencers and content creators to help you expand your reach as you build your practice 

- Lifetime access to core program content & group call replays


This work is so important.
The Akashic Records are life-changing.
People need you & your services now.

You can help people completely change their lives.

What are you waiting for?