are for you if:

You already know there's more to life than what society suggests.

You feel that you have a powerful mission on earth that requires the activation of your psychic gifts, and maybe they’ve even started to come online and you need help navigating this new version of yourself.

You’re truly ready to transform your life, step fully onto your path, and choose a new timeline.

Throughout your life, you've felt vibrationally different than your family and others around you.

You’re seeking clarity around your Soul Mission & how to fulfill it to best serve humanity.

You’re looking for deeper answers to the twist and turns in your life, what they mean and how to turn your most difficult moments into your most powerful gifts.

You’re ready to surrender & receive complete transformation & activation.

You have already done some inner work (shadow work, inner child healing, trauma alchemy, etc.)

You’re ready to be fully in your power, and you’re ready for a big up-level.

My experience working with Amy has been completely and utterly transforming.

Amy has gently accompanied me as I faced my shadow, helped me to heal deep inner child wounds, deprogram harmful programs such as unworthiness, and clear my energetic body. And during times that I doubted myself, she held the vision of my highest self even when I couldn’t. Since working with her I have been able to step into the truth of who I am, and understand and embrace my soul’s mission.


Working directly with Amy has proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I have received such incredible activations and support to assist me as I develop my own spiritual gifts and claim more of who I am here to be. Her Akashic readings were exactly what I needed to help me navigate this time of expansion and step more fully into the highest expression of myself. I have been able to see myself with new eyes and I am growing in my spiritual awakening and especially overcoming so many doubts around being a powerful channel, healer and guide. I am so grateful for the work that Amy does and that I was divinely guided to her! She is truly magical.


Before working with Amy I was at my wits end.

She has helped me on my path to discover and embrace my true identity and life's purpose. She’s given me the ability to give myself permission to be different, given more life purpose direction, tools for unlocking innate abilities and techniques in doing so, references and resources, a lifting of the veil, and hope realized. I’ve been blessed to have her in my life and consider her a soul friend.


During Akashic Readings, I move a lot of energy, very fast.

During our time together I will powerfully illuminate past influences, current guidance & future timelines, in a way that changes everything.

Together we will shift what has been stuck for years, and leave you in a state of Activation that continues to yield and unfold for months.

Expect to have Your Soul Mission fully illuminated, bring in & validate the guidance around the next steps, & powerfully clear any programs, trauma or blocks that are impeding the optimal forward momentum of Your Mission.

We will hone in on Your Highest available Timeline & anchor it into Your energetic field & Your physical body through the nervous system to quickly become Your Manifested reality.

Truly we are Quantum Leaping.

I have done it myself, over and over again, and you can too.
Together We:
> Clear past & present life trauma & programs
> Remove energetic cords, hooks & implants
> Dissolve blocks & patterns
> Clear & Re-pattern Your Holographic Matrix
> Clarify Your current Mission including the greater vision & the next aligned steps
> Clarify Your accessible Timelines & energetically anchor into the Highest Timeline You desire
> Money Alchemy to cleanse, clarify & upgrade Your Money codes


An Akashic Oracle, a Seer and a Translator of Multidimensional Lightcodes..
All of the work I do, and all of the content I create is me doing My Sacred part to assist
the Human Collective
wake up within the Dream.

Through my Akashic Readings, my Courses and
my Mentorship Programs
I facilitate
psychic activation,
deep awakening,
attunement to the Akashic Records
for those who seek it.

Hi, I'm Amy!


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"I'm so excited that I did this. It was the best thing I could've ever done for myself. I learned so much about myself and my daughter. Thank God. I really feel like I have a lot of insight now on who I am and why am here and it was the best money I ever spent on myself!

I couldn't be happier. I learned so much from you and I honestly feel like you are my mentor and I love that and you're just an amazing person.

I just want you to know that you change so many peoples lives all the time! I hope that you hear this and get so excited because it's so true. People love you and you need to know that and I'm just very grateful that I had this time with you!"
~ Trisha