Ok, so you’re deep into the Awakening process. It’s really not a linear thing, so you might be smack dab in the middle of your initial Awakening and the accompanying Dark Night of the Soul, but the key difference is that you are starting to feel good… like you’re getting your sea legs.  
It isn’t throwing you anymore, the way it used to.
In fact…
Things are magical.
You’re looking forward to your wild & vivd dreams.
You’re getting interested in developing your psychic abilities.
You want to learn how to Astral Travel, and discover your Past Lives and find out about what kind of Starseed you are!

This is getting to be pretty fun!

You love love LOVE meeting someone else who can go there with you and have all the deepest, weirdest, most “out there” conversations.

But in all likelihood you’re still closeted about all this woo-woo stuff— at least around certain people.

It is still a little bit too fresh and new to risk sharing with others who won’t get it and will discourage you with criticism & ridicule.

You don’t really realize your power yet.  
Even though things are becoming fun as you move through this Awakening journey, you still often feel frustrated by your circumstances, triggered by things in your life, and you’re basically outsourcing your own power onto situations, events and people.

For example, you feel super triggered by a certain person. Maybe it is someone you’re in love with, someone you’re dating, or an ex… maybe it is a parent or a sibling you just constantly butt heads with… something emotionally charged like that.

And you’re doing a bunch of oracle card readings about it to get clarity.
Or you’re watching pick-a-pile Tarot readings on YouTube.
Maybe you’re deep diving into the particulars of their Human Design or Astrology to try and understand your seemingly fated karmic connection.

In the butterfly stage you’re exploring things outside of you, without fully realizing that it is ALL inside of you.
You still think that other person has the upper hand.
You still think the Astrology affects whether or not the thing you want is going to happen.
You still think you need X thing to change in order for you to feel safe/secure/free/happy.

In other words, the illusion of this beautiful holographic reality still holds sway over you.

And that is OK!

This phase is all about exploring life & exploring yourself. We can’t get to the third phase without first coming to understand ourselves at a very deep level.

I mean, not that we can ever totally understand ourselves fully 100% completely.
At least not while we are in Human form.
At least not in a way that is sustainable.

We are truly infinite, fathomless mysteries. 
There is no end to the ever-unfolding moreness of You.
This phase is about being the Butterfly, Dragonfly, or Moth that you were always coded to be… and then realizing that you are so much more.

This is the perfect phase to invest in programs and courses to expand your consciousness.
It is the natural point to start learning about Manifestation and/or taking your understanding to the next level.

This can also be a good time to get a reading from an Astrologer, Human Design reader, Akashic Records reader, QHHT or past life regression practitioner, a breath worker, a plant medicine ceremony or some kind of dope retreat, etc.
Anything that will bring you into greater understanding of you.

Dragonfly & Butterfly

Resources for You

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