Are you ready to finally free yourself from Money-enslavement system once & for all?

And are you ready to do it in a way which not only benefits YOU and makes you rich, but benefits & enriches the lives of all others too??

I've got you, my friend.


We’ve had a f*cking rough run with Money over the centuries. We really have.

The way it has been used…
...the way WE have been used.
It’s gross.

Of course you’re struggling with Money.
Of course you don’t have enough.
Of course you can never seem to get ahead and stay ahead.

The odds have been stacked against us for a really long time.

But that is all changing.

The financial system is undergoing a major upheaval, and it’s only just beginning.

From the outside it can look like something evil is happening (and believe me, the evil ones, the false matrix overlords are aware of these energies of upheaval & transformation, and they’re trying to direct it to go in their favour…)
the message I am repeatedly receiving through the Akashic Records is that this upheaval is actually a GOOD thing.

Because it is TIME for us to truly exit from the Money-enslavement prison of the false matrix.

It is TIME for us to be in our FULL POWER, totally FREE.

The New Earth Lightcodes of Money & Wealth

Actually heal your Money sh*t, activate your Power & Magic, and create lasting Money & Wealth

I understand what you have been going through.

The stress of being in a constant state of survival looping, spinning your wheels just to keep a roof over your head and food on your table.

Or maybe you’ve worked hard and played it safe, following the middle-class Money rules, and you have the things you need, but you still don’t feel secure, and you feel like you have to keep working at a job that is crushing your Soul, in order to take care of your responsibilities.

Maybe you’re swinging between both, feast or famine, and it seems like one step forward equals two steps back as you watch your debt grow & grown.

Either way, everything costs Money, and the prices keep going up.

You WANT to develop your consciousness!
You WANT to practice meditation!
You WANT to take that new course!
You WANT to pursue your Soul Purpose!

But who in the f*ck has the Money for that kinda thing???

And I know that you wonder why the actual F*CK you even came to this planet if you’re going to waste your whole life working at meaningless jobs just to make ends meet & stay alive.

You’re not wrong.

This whole thing has been BULLSH*T and it’s finally time for it to end.

That’s where WE come in.  We are the clean-up crew. The ones who came to change the Hologram from the inside-out.

Let's f*cking do this!

 Inside The New Earth Lightcodes of Money & Wealth 

Module 1:
Scarcity, Lack & False Programming

Module 7:
What it Takes ACTUALLY MANIFEST MONEY & WEALTH so that you can Ascend & Transcend this false matrix Money f*ckery

A Juicy Group Q&A

Module 4:
The Frequency of Money & Wealth 

A Money & Wealth Manifestation Meditation 

An private non-social media app to access your course materials from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone with ease a community of other Souls doing this work alongside you (Soul-fam) 

Module 3:
The Spirit of Money

Module 2:
Power & Magic & Creation  

Module 5:
Receiving & Holding MORE 

Module 6:
The New Money Rules

 My 2-part mini -Mastercourse “Survival, Slavery, Spirituality & Money

In this Course we are going to practice the process of Manifestation together. 

This isn’t just about learning some new ideas… it is about figuring this f*cking sh*t out once & for all, and manifesting Money powerfully into our lives.  


And in order to do any of that, you HAVE to be in a state of overflow.
You have to be in a state of abundance & thriving.
That includes & requires Money.

Not the false Matrix enslavement hijacked version of Money…

The NEW EARTH consciousness of Money.
The reality of Money is rapidly changing.

If you continue to outsource your sense of security to your Money, you’re going to go through a rude awakening.

We can no longer operate in the ways we have in the past— those rules no longer apply. 

It’s a new game Now.  Come learn the rules.

  • You are ready to quantum leap & upgrade your consciousness
  • You desire to calibrate to New Earth
  • You want to Powerfully manifest & hold more Money & Wealth
  • You are willing to let go of your victim & entitlement programs, understanding that they are false matrix implants and they are not serving you 
  • You are ready to receive the activations AND implement the aligned action steps to ANCHOR them into Your reality
  • You are ready to completely change your Life


The New Earth Lightcodes of  Money & Wealth is for you if:

The New Earth Lightcodes of  Money & Wealth isn't a good fit for you right now if:

  • You’re not going to listen to the modules and implement the homework (which is not a heavy time requirement, as we’re all very busy and don’t have hours and hours to journal our feelings every day by candlelight and palo santo)
  • You expect to be saved by me or anyone else
  • You aren’t ready or willing to be honest with yourself about your patterns and your beliefs
  • You don’t believe that change is possible
  • You want to stay in disempowered victim-consciousness
  • You aren't truly ready for your life to change (and that's ok!)

It is TIME for you to truly exit from the Money-enslavement prison of the false matrix. 

 It is TIME for you to be in your FULL POWER, totally FREE.

What are you waiting for?